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NIHR Comprehensive Clinical Research Network

The NIHR Comprehensive Clinical Research Network (CRN) provides another layer of infrastructure to support study involvement (in addition to the local research networks of the disease specific and primary care research networks). This includes research personnel, facilities and training. Again, your study must be adopted into the NIHR CRN portfolio to be eligible for this support.

The Comprehensive Clinical Research Network is comprised of 25 Comprehensive Local Research Networks (CLRNs) covering all of England, which provide research support in all areas of disease and clinical need.

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Some of the CLRNs are National Specialty Groups for Age and Ageing.

Resource permitting, the NISCHR Clinical Research Centre (Wales) will support portfolio-eligible studies falling outside the 17 listed Registered Research Groups' remits.

The Chief Scientist Office (Scotland) has support allocated for research falling outside of its main research networks that is funded by an eligible funder.

The Northern Ireland Clinical Research Network will consider good quality studies from other areas than its main listed interests.