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National Cancer Research Network (NCRN)

While the NCRN local cancer research networks only cover England, NCRN has robust partnerships and working relationships with Cancer Research Networks in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each Research Network receives funding to appoint research staff and to enable access to pharmacy, pathology, radiology and other areas of support, such as information systems and training, all of which are integral to high quality research.

When you are ready to invite sites to take part you can use the Research Network Managers to approach local sites. This can easily be achieved by sending an e-mail to, the subject should read ‘For distribution to RNMs’. Include the information that you wish Managers and Sites to consider and the e-mail will be sent on to all Networks.

Sample feasibility documents along with a Communications Guide can be found on the NCRN website. Although this document was developed for use by clinical trials units, the information within it and the accompanying documents are applicable to stand alone researchers.

Devolved nations' cancer research networks

Scottish Cancer Research Network

Wales Cancer Research Network

Cancer is listed as an area of interest for the Northern Ireland Clinical Research Network


NCRI Clinical Studies Groups (CSGs)

The remit of the NCRI CSGs (UK-wide) includes overseeing existing studies, considering new research questions, developing proposals and securing funding from NCRI members and other sources as well as providing expert advice.

Of the 22 CSGs, the ones most relevant to this community are:

Palliative and Supportive Care CSG
Primary Care CSG
Psychosocial Oncology CSG