Trial development advice (RADCAS)

CTRad’s Workstream 3 has developed a process by which all new UK radiotherapy clinical trial proposals have access to a ‘Radiotherapy Clinical Trials Advisory Service’ (RADCAS) before submission to a funding body.


Investigators can approach the RADCAS team about any trial proposal in which radiotherapy is a significant component, to receive specialist advice on trial methodology, technical aspects of radiotherapy delivery, and biomarkers and translational research opportunities. RADCAS may be relevant to early phase as well as Phase III trials.


This service is available at any time of the year, and supplements the opportunities for researchers to present and engage in interactive discussion at CTRad’s twice-yearly proposal guidance meetings. You can download a document to find out more about this service, together with resources and contact for advice on different processes.

Further questions

If you want to use the RADCAS service, please email


Further information

Checklist for components of a radiotherapy trial

An important step towards delivering good quality radiotherapy within a clinical trial is developing a radiotherapy protocol. CTRad’s Workstream 3 has developed a checklist of key components of radiotherapy protocols for investigators to ensure nothing is omitted when they develop their trial protocol.


Role of the Clinical Trials Unit (CTU)

The Clinical Trials Unit is central to designing and coordinating clinical trials. Its role is to collaborate with academic investigators in the successful design, development, set-up, conduct, management and analysis of clinical trials. Emma Hall (WS3) presented the 'Role of the Clinical Trials Unit' at CTRad's Clinical Trials Workshop in Feb 2013. You can download the slides below.